The International Accident Prevention and Control Association (IAPCA) were formed in 2021. The IPAF Training Course is a world class, government-recognized training program that provides those participating in IAPCA certification with the knowledge and tools required to effectively work as part of an accident control team. IPAF certification is also recognized internationally as a standard for personal protective equipment (PPE). This type of equipment has been found to significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or fatality for those working in hazardous environments. IPAF Training Course provides the right knowledge and skills required to identify, plan and perform accident control activities in a safe manner.

How We Improved Our Ipaf Training Course Providers In One Week(Month, Day)

The International Association of Professional Firefighters (IAPFA) also recognizes the value of PPE and offers a similar type of training. The International Institute of Occupational and Health Prevention (IIAHP) offers a two-day IIAHP approved ITP course on PPE. A finalist is required to successfully complete this test, providing the employee a certification in addition to work platform experience. Many States, including New York, have laws requiring IAPCA certified employees to be on approved work platforms. There are many benefits to choosing an ITP course, including gaining the necessary skills and knowledge needed to safely and properly work in any workplace.

All employees should be trained on suitable work platforms by competent and authorized personnel. Improper training practices may result in employees injuring themselves, as well as damaging or being unable to use work platforms. Not only does the provision of work platforms allow employers to avoid this risk, but it also makes their job easier. By training employees on appropriate and safe work platforms, employers are more likely to reduce the number of accidents related to inappropriate or dangerous work platforms.