Steps Involved in Water Tank Construction

There are several steps involved in water tank construction. The first step is determining the size  of the tank and the tankpro services required water storage capacity. Then the design of the water tank must be developed. Larger tanks may be divided into smaller tanks by partitions. A bottom slab of cement-based concrete of a ratio of one cement to four fine sand shall be used for the construction of the water tank. After the base slab is completed, the tank’s top slab shall be constructed.

The next step is to prepare the base. The base must be flat and strong enough to support the weight of the full water tank. It can be made of tile. Be sure to lay the tiles tight and level. Clean sand is ideal for this task. Concrete rings are also a good option. Once all the elements are ready, the next step is to assemble the remaining pipelines. The next step is to apply zinc compound to the base to prevent corrosion.

The inlet pipe must have a diameter of 20 mm and be fitted at the level of the freeboard. The overflow pipe must have a mosquito-proof coupling made of rigid PVC or other suitable material. This will ensure that no mosquitoes can get inside. The top surface of the tank should also be insulated to prevent water loss during a storm. It is also important to consider the type of material used for the tank. If the tank is used for holding water, it should be made of a durable material.