Memphis pest control is a service offered by professionals who understand the problems that unwanted pests cause. Roaches, ants, termites, and just plain rodents, all can cause serious house damage and safety concerns. Once you see a problem, call Inman Murphy Pest Control for a clean home inspection and rapid response. The experts offer full customization of pricing and services based on the house size of your residence. If your house needs to be sealed off from the outside world, we offer the services of certified pest control technicians who are able to keep these pesky intruders out. Click now

How a Professional Pest Control Company Can Help?

We understand that many homeowners do not want to deal with a problem or pest on their own, but when you call an experienced pest control company, they will offer a free consultation to assess the situation. This will allow you to discuss your options and determine if pest control is right for you. The professionals at Inman Murphy Pest Control can come out anytime between Monday – Friday to treat your home and property. During your consultation, they will assess the damage and recommend certain treatments for termite infestation, cockroach infestation, and rodent infestation. They will also evaluate your home for structural damage and look for any leaks or holes. Most pest control companies offer free consultation and a free estimate on treatments for up to one hour.

It is important to let your Memphis pest control company know if there are pets in your home, if you have high animal activity such as horses or dogs, or if there is a severe plumbing leak. If you live in the woods, your pest experts can also detect tree roots under the carpeting, wood floor cracks, wall cavities, and other areas where animals can penetrate the wood or crawl through the walls. If you or members of your family have allergies, mold allergies, asthma, or any other type of respiratory tract infection, pest control companies can help you find solutions by offering preventative treatment. There are several companies that offer allergy testing as part of their service. You can get allergy tests done quickly and easily so you know if you are at risk for an outbreak before it starts.