Fabric headboard is characterized on the basis of style, patterns, and mounting methods. Freestanding: This kind of headboard is usually mounted directly to the wall without any support. They provide maximum stability for prolonged usage. If you want to install them in your bedroom, then there are various materials and styles that you can choose from. Some fabrics available in market are velvet, silk, cotton, suede, denim, jute, corduroy, satin, leather, and other materials that suit your taste. There are also different ways in which these headboards can be installed in your bedroom like putting the headboard on the wall or at the floor or in the middle of the room.


To keep your fabric headboard clean and looking new for a longer time, it is very important to maintain proper cleaning measures. Firstly, it is very important to wipe the headboard every after using it so that dust and dirt do not accumulate on it. It is also recommended to wash the headboard in soft water and mild soap. Wash it carefully by hand, taking care not to scrub the fabric too hard. Once you are done with washing, dry it carefully with a soft cloth.


The best fabric headboard for your bedroom is usually either linen silk, or cotton. Linen is the best choice for those who like the smooth look of linen. For people who prefer natural fibers to upholstery, they should go for the jute upholstery fabric. On the other hand, people who are sensitive to natural fibers should go for the jute downholstery fabric.