When looking for a native aboriginal contractor you want to be sure that you are hiring someone with a track record of good performance and someone who had dealt successfully with First Nations and Inuit clients in the past. For example, if you are having a major plumbing issue and need a plumber to come out and take care of it, you want to make sure the contractor you hire has dealt with the kind of situations that you may be up against in the future. You also need to ensure that your potential plumber is willing and able to work on major building projects. It is also important to find a local aboriginal contractor because many tradespeople (electricians, plumbers etc) may prefer to deal locally and you may not find qualified tradespeople in a large city. Finding someone local is a great way to make sure that the construction project gets done right and also that the tradesperson you hire lives where the work is going to be done and not somewhere else.

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How To Get More Work For Aborigine Contractors

The economy of Australia is based on mining and other resources and because of this Australia is becoming a world leader in providing jobs for aboriginal people. However, with many resource-based economies, there has been less revenue for programs to support aboriginal employment opportunities. Unfortunately the only major country that has seen a rise in revenues for programs supporting aboriginal employment is New Zealand although this is starting to change. New Zealand has the most amount of revenue per capita than any other country in the world and one of the reasons they have more revenue is because of the high number of indigenous people. Because New Zealand has seen a growth in its economy and the government has taken action to support their aboriginal people, it has become an even better choice for contracting work.

The mining sector in Australia is a bit hampered by the fact that there is not as much aboriginal employment available in the sector compared to other sectors. One of the ways that you can help improve the situation for indigenous miners is to create a procurement strategy to encourage more aboriginal contractors in the mining sector. There are many companies that provide specialized training and development to aboriginal workers so you can get your miners trained to perform all of the duties required by your company such as construction, engineering, geology, surveying, etc… If you partner with a company that can provide you with an effective procurement strategy you can get the best out of your aborigine workers.