Luxury Residential Plotted Development is the most modern and expensive forms of development in Dubai. These platted developments are developed on plots with the help of master plan. This development process offers a lot of benefits and opportunities to its residential property owners. Though this luxury residential property development is very expensive, still people are ready to buy them because of their lavishness and uniqueness. Useful resource

The Luxury Residential Plotted Development is becoming a popular concept

In order to develop residential property on such large scale, there are several things that have to be kept in mind. One important point is to select the best plot for the development. The plot selected determines the shape, size and layout of the building. Luxury buildings have a unique style and feel and hence there is a great demand of such buildings in Dubai. Platted development has become more of a trend than a planned development.

These platted residential buildings have two-storey buildings which are constructed separately. The upper storey is commonly billed as one level, whereas the lower level is built into two levels. Both of the storeys are generally octagonal in nature but depending upon the design and structure of the building, they may be other shaped. Octagonal structured buildings are popularly used for luxury residential property projects as they give more flexibility. These residential properties are designed in a manner that makes it easier for the buyers to carry out the necessary remodelling and make the building more user friendly.