The Chairman of the supervisor board serves as the chief executive officer of a corporation. The most senior officers of the corporation and other significant personalities who are key to the success of the business can be placed on the board of directors. However, a person can also be appointed as the chair of the supervisory board who is not a chief executive officer, provided that he or she has been duly registered as the member of the governing body of the company. There are certain documents that have to be provided to the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to appoint a person as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. These documents include the name of the person, his designation as the member of the governing body and his annual financial statement. View them all here

The Chairman supervisory board of a corporation

There are three types of members of the board of directors, namely, the general managers, the district managers and the manager’s representatives. There are a few posts in the BSC and all positions are filled by the officers of the company. The most important role of the chairman of the supervisory board is to be the general manager and is also responsible for the corporate budget. It is the duty of the chairman to make sure that all the objectives of the company are being fulfilled and the necessary plans are in place for ensuring profitability and growth.

A member of the BSC is also supposed to be responsible for the corporate finance management, the effectiveness and the management of the human resources as well as the strategic planning and the internal audit committee. Therefore, it is very important for the business houses to appoint people with great educational qualification and experience in different sectors, who are capable of dealing with issues concerning the business in general and the affairs of the organization in particular. The general managers are supposed to be experts in finance, accounting, auditing, risk management and strategic planning and they need to have expertise in the field of marketing, supply chain management and operations research as well.