Whether you have just purchased a new home or are looking to remodel your existing space, the concept of fat quarter bundles is one that can help you save money and make your job less of a hassle. Put simply, a fat quarter bundle is a single quarter-inch cut of cloth that measures approximately eighteen” x 22″ in width. It is known as a fat quarter due to the fact that it is wider than the average quarter-foot cut, which is usually very short and narrow at only 9″ wide. These sizes range widely by brand and collection so be certain to double-check the dimensions of your fat quarter bundles to ensure you are receiving the correct size required for your project.

fat quarter bundles

Fat Quarter Bundles: Beautifying Your Home

The average cost of these products will vary depending on the brand and type of material they are made from, the style of the product itself, and even the store that you purchase them from. Commonly, they are sold in discount warehouses and discount department stores and are often sold by builders or individuals who are building their own home. Many individuals who are building their own homes will use fat quarter bundles that are one piece in order to reduce the amount of time required in order to complete the project. Building one piece products typically takes significantly longer than constructing two-piece products, and many builders are now opting to purchase the two-piece products at a fraction of the cost in order to get the maximum amount of savings.

Another reason these types of products are becoming extremely popular among consumers is because they are actually a very beautiful addition to any room. Many people who purchase fat quarter bundles or other similar products will utilize them for decorative purposes. For example, many people who are building a new home will choose to purchase one-pieces that measure approximately eighteen inches in width and twenty-one inches in length in order to allow their builders to place them throughout the entire house as decorations. The added benefit to this method of decorating is that while the individual pieces will be aesthetically pleasing, the overall effect will be much more subtle and not overwhelming. Another common way that people will utilize fat quarter bundles is in order to help increase their floor space inside of their home. If you happen to have a smaller home, it may take some time finding a way to add an additional eighteen inches to your floor space in order to make it appear larger and more complete.